Ford Livonia Boston Beacon Project:

Ford Motor Company is testing underground water in the neighborhood east of the Livonia Transmission Plant.

What is happening?

While renovating the Livonia Transmission Plant, we discovered vinyl chloride in underground water on the east side of the plant. Ford is investigating the issue to determine the potentially affected area, and verify if any action is required. Importantly, all samples collected to date show no health risk to residents, and drinking water is not at risk.

Crews worked on Belden Court, and Beacon, Boston Post and Wadsworth streets.

Additional testing has been completed.

Is there a risk or impact to me and my family?

All information and samples collected to date continue to show no health risk to residents.

Area residents should all be connected to the city of Livonia’s water source, which is from Detroit and now known as the Great Lakes Water Authority, so there is no impact to your home’s drinking water.

On-site environmental and safety personnel oversaw and managed the work. Ford’s top priority was to ensure safe operations and protect residents and bystanders.


A groundwater capture and treatment system installed in March 2017 continues to operate and prevent migration of groundwater impacts from the Ford Livonia property. Additionally, as part of the ongoing monitoring efforts in the neighborhood and commitment to the community, residents and the environment, Ford also installed permanent groundwater monitoring wells and temporary soil vapor monitoring points within the neighborhood east of the Livonia Transmission Plant in April and May of 2017. Their purpose is to further evaluate vinyl chloride in groundwater and soil vapor. The latest data and results from the sampling of these monitoring wells and points continue to show no health risks to residents, and importantly, no impact to your home’s drinking water. This remains consistent with all previous testing information.

Offsite groundwater monitoring will be conducted quarterly to monitor progress and results will continue to be shared with the community.

We will continue to keep the neighborhood, City of Livonia and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality up-to-date on our progress.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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