Ford Livonia Boston Beacon Project

Additional Information

In addition to mailing letters and dropping off information to each resident in the neighborhood testing area of Belden Court and Boston Post, Beacon and Wadsworth streets as well as surrounding homes, a public information meeting was held on Monday, Feb. 8, to show and explain the testing equipment, maps and specific process, and help answer any questions and concerns. Below are the supplemental materials that were shared and handed out along with the original letter and flyer.

All testing to date continues to show no health risk to residents and no impact to drinking water. Please see below for the updated testing results and maps.


As part of our continued commitment to public outreach, below please find recent testing data reports for this project. Also included are two figures which show the sample locations.

Routine Data:

The Sample Identification number listed in the data reports includes the monitoring well [or soil vapor monitoring point] location it was collected from. Example: MW-22_110717 is Monitoring Well location MW-22 sampled on November 7, 2017.

Individual Site Vapor Reports 1Q 2021 New

Data – Individual Site Groundwater Reports 1Q 2019